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The Association of Self-rated Health with Family and Employment Statuses. Comparison Between Germany, France and the Netherlands
Elena von der Lippe and Petra Rattay

Marital Happiness and Children among Japanese Married Couples
Chizu Yoshida

Partnership Paths Following Divorce and Cohabitation Dissolution
Zuzana Žilinčíková

Relative (or Absolute?) Resources and Responses to Inequity in the Division of Labor: A Comparison of Nine European Countries
Maike van Damme

Mothers’ working hours and fathers’ share of childcare in cross-national perspective
Brett Ory, Renske Keizer and Pearl A. Dykstra

Patterns of Female Employment - A Cross-national Comparison Between Austria and Germany
Adila Sahbegovic

Missing the Second Child Intended – A Post-Crisis Fertility Shift?
Norbert Neuwirth

Household Income Development During the Transition to the Next Family Phase in Austria
Georg Wernhart

Religion and the Realization of Fertility Intentions: A Cross-national Comparative Analysis
Caroline Berghammer and Isabella Buber-Ennser

The Nature of Cohabitation in Contemporary Russia
Ekaterina Mitrofanova and Alyona Artamonova

Power Structures and the Traditional Division of Household Tasks
Ruth Abramowski and Beat Fux